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Enter a world of ancient magical elixirs. Walk in the footsteps of Hemingway, Van Gogh, and Edgar Allen Poe. Chase the Green Fairy through and dance with the Red Devil. Open your heart and mind to the botanical temptress.

No spirit in the world is surrounded by such mystical folklore as the legendary Artemisia absinthium. Once banned around the world for decades, this intoxicating potion is now once again legal for consumption in its original formulation.

Absinthedevil.com is the epicenter for the resurrection of this fabled tincture. This website is the modern repository for all things absinthe. Click the links below to enter a patchwork quilt of Absinthe related brands, history, festivals, venues, and the like.
Enjoy your trip while chasing down your own intoxicating adventure.

A four-day festival that occurs during Race Week in Key West. It is an official Event of Raceworld Offshore World Championship powerboat races.

Event dates are November 10-13th, 2022. Event will have Ala Carte tickets for individual events along with VIP packages that encompass certain outlined items provided below. Click Here for more information.

Key West Absinthe House

Key West Absinthe Society

Voodoo Fairy

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